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When we are watching a film, we pay attention to more than the plot. For us, the most important thing is to admire the gorgeous actresses in the screen. Thus, we have chosen 5 lesbian films featuring beautiful ladies, let’s enjoy their beauty together!

1. Barash (2015)

Naama Barash, a rebellious 17-year-old girl, likes to chill and hang out with her friends. One day, a new girl shows up at her school and Naama quickly falls in love with her. She had never experienced this sort of feelings before. Meanwhile, her family keeps bothering her about her attitude, a problem familiar to every teenage girl. However, Barash is set on Israel. Besides queer issues, the film also explores themes of nation, race, and, even, paternity.

Naama and Dana.

The film features many eye-catching sexy scenes, and also portrays teenage culture: fashion, weed, parties, etc., all are present in Barash. The girl playing Naama Barash is Sivan Noam Shimon. She used to have camera shyness but thanks to the director’s help, Shimon owned her role giving an amazing performance!

Sivan Noam Shimon. / Source: The Picta

Jade Sakori. / Source: snapshot

If you like bad girls, you will probably prefer the actress who plays Naama’s girlfriend. Jade is a very attractive girl with a dark look. She is incredibly charming and also a very outstanding actress. She can always make Sivan (and us) blush in every scene.

Jade and her real-life girlfriend. / Source: Instagram

Jade and her real-life girlfriend. / Source: Instagram

2. Jenny's Wedding (2015)*

Jenny’s Wedding tells the story of a lesbian woman named, well, Jenny. Her parents force her to follow her sister and find a partner after the latter gets married. One day, Jenny finally announces she is engaged. Everyone gets very excited hearing the news but there is a problem: Jenny is about to marry a woman…

Jenny and her girlfriend.

This film sees lesbian marriage from the perspective of heterosexual people. When LGBT couples pursue their love and rights, they usually have to face their family’s hesitation. The melodrama is well executed by the director’s masterful planning.

Katherine Heigl in Grey's Anatomy. / Source: Georgia Newsday

If you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present), you probably will be familiar with the main actress featured in this film, Katherine Heigl, who used to play Izzie Stevens in the medical drama. A role that gained her multiple award nominations, including one for best supporting actress at the Emmys.

3. Summer (2014)

In a small Dutch village, 16-year-old Anne and her friends spend time biking around town. Those are simple days with not a worry in the world… until a newcomer shows up in town, a mysterious girl, Lena. She is from the city, and her modern style draws Anne’s attention waking up her desire for women. However, in this small town, Anne has to challenge people’s concepts about same-sex love with courage.

This summer, Anne decides to start a new life, and she has no fear.

The gorgeous ​Ella-June Henrard. / Source: female

The main character is played by the innocent looking Ella-June Henrard, who is a real beauty. She looks like a mix of Dakota Fanning and Amanda Seyfried, with a touch of Jessica Chastain. With shiny hair and sky-blue eyes, Ella can really capture our hearts.

4. Anita (2012)

And now an amazing short film, Anita, featuring a rebellious hot girl. The movie starts in a swimming pool in summer. At night, she and her friends have a taste of the adult life: party, drugs and sex are all included.

Paula Muñoz. / Source: Henneman Agency

Paula Muñoz. / Source: YOLOVIPRIMERO

The girl playing Anita is Paula Muñoz, a Latina hot girl, and she shows her full body in the film without reservations (wink).

5. Carol (2015)*

But when talking about films with gorgeous ladies, this one takes the prize.

Carol, starring the Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett, tells the story of a forbidden lesbian relationship during the 1950s. The younger girl, Therese is in a stable relationship with her boyfriend and works at a department store. Her true passion, though, is photography. She is insecure towards her future, until one day, she meets Carol, an upper-class lady. Their backgrounds are quite different but there is something between them, a sparkle in their eyes, that makes them get closer. Carol is married and her affair with Therese is later on discovered by her husband, which may cause her losing the guardianship of her daughter. With this unsolvable dilemma between family and love, how does she break through the wall? It is a bittersweet film but one of the most breathtaking lesbian romances of all time.

Cate Blanchett play the nicotine-addict Carol.

Carol not only has a beautiful script, but also features two stunning actresses. Rooney Mara portrays the innocent Therese really well, which make us want to protect and hug her. Cate Blanchett plays the sexy and confident lady, Carol, as an opposite of Rooney Mara’s character.

Therese always with her camera.

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